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Chesterfield Driving Lessons

What to Expect on Your First Driving Lesson

Firstly - Your licence: for your first driving lesson the main things you NEED to remember to bring with you are your photocard & counterpart (paper) driving licence.
Chesterfield driving school will ask you for these documents and will need to see them before he/she is legally allowed to sit you in the car.
Secondly - the eye test: Chesterfield driving school will ensure that your eyesight is at least meeting the minimum Driving Standards Agency eyesight standards, this means being able to read a vehicle number plate in good daylight (with your corrective lenses if you wear them) from 20.5 metres away. Your Driving Instructor will ask you to read a nearby vehicle registration plate before the driving lesson can begin.

Getting behind the wheel for the first time might seem quite daunting. We will work with you to make sure you feel comfortable, confident and at ease.

Do not worry! no-one is expecting you to drive off onto a busy road the first time you get behind the wheel!


Your first lesson will be concerned mainly with introducing you to the controls of the car, moving off and stopping safely. This will be done under complete control so you will feel safe and secure. Your instructor will make sure that you are in a quiet out of the way bit of road before you actually have to do anything at all.

Safety First!

In case the thought of being in control of a large car is a little bit worrying, the vehicle is fitted with dual controls. This means that the instructor has a set of pedals on their side of the car that they can use to take over or help you out if you are struggling. If it looks like you've lost control for a moment, they can bring the car to a stop quickly and safely, and give you time to recover your poise.