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Quick Pass Courses

All courses cover the entire DSA driving syllabus required for the practical driving test.

Quick Pass - Beginner

40 Hours

new driver with no previous or limited driver training.  The pupil will be guided through the driving skills.  All abilities catered for and helped to achieve their goal.  

Quick Pass - Novice  student

35 Hours

For the student who has had between 5 and 10 hours previous training with a driving instructor. Able to do the basic driving skills and have been practicing basic car controls.

Quick Pass - Intermediate student

30 Hours

Students with at least 10 Hours of previous training with an instructor. Student should have experienced driving in mixed traffic and have good car control. 

Quick Pass - Consistent Student

25 Hours

For Drivers with at least 15 hours of driver training with a driving instructor. Started to do manures and experienced driving in traffic with good car control.

Quick Pass - Failed test course

12 Hours
Driver who has taken and failed test in the last 2 months.

All students will be assessed by the instructor to decide their level of Driving Skills.